Friday, June 7, 2013

My Grandma's Iris


You always know when spring is here, the Iris are the first to peak through the ground telling you that it is time to be done with winter. 

            As long as I remember the graceful Iris has been a part of my life.  Grandma’s flower garden was full of them as were my own home.  My Mother not only got starts from Grandma but also from her first apartment after she was married.  I have so many colors now it is hard to tell from where they came.   I just know they came from my family, from Grandma, Mom and Dad.  You could probably say they are like family to me, bringing me joy in how pleasing they are to the eye, while bringing back the memories of days gone. 
           If there is a flower you used to have around and no longer have it that came from a place you would like to remember, go and buy one or if you can get a start from someone.  Many years ago I read that if you have a memory of something that reminds you of someone special, say for example a washboard, go to an antique store and buy one.  It may not be the same one but it will still stir within you the same pleasing memories.






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