Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Kind of Tomatoes Should I Plant?


You have probably already planted your tomatoes.  The question is - how did you decide what kind of tomatoes to plant? 

          I think a lot of it depends on what area you come from and what kind of tomatoes you have planted in the past.  There are so many varieties of tomatoes and more being developed each year.

          How I decide what tomatoes I want to plant depend on how long they take to develop and what tomatoes I have had success with.  I have tried the 4th of July tomato, early girl and many heirlooms.  I have had success with the mortgage lifter, some heirlooms and other new tomatoes.  It is very important that you check how long it takes for them to ripen; it usually is around 63 days to 80 or so days.  Two weeks may not seem like that long but it can be when your growing season is shorter.

          I suppose my best advice to you is to check with the local nursery and your extension office.  Don’t be afraid to try new tomatoes that others say will not succeed, try a few but always stick with your old reliable. 

          Since my season is shorter than most I always have tomatoes that have a shorter development period but plant the larger tomatoes that take a longer time, love them for canning.  The larger ones I enjoy at the end of the summer and into the fall until it freezes.

          Since I can tomatoes I always include Roma tomatoes since they do make a thicker paste tomato.  Check the label when you buy them, they will usually tell you if they make a good canning tomato.  The cherry tomatoes are always a must as they come early and you may snack on them while you are waiting for the others to ripen. 


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