Thursday, May 22, 2014



A couple of years ago I bought a composter at Costco and enjoyed the benefits of this modern day machine making old decomposed dirt and other waste from my home and gardens.  This year Costco came out with a double composter that I bought for Mothers Day.  I have found that sometimes it is a good thing to get what you really want otherwise you will be disappointed.  This year I was extremely happy with my Mother’s day gift.
My sweet husband started putting it together on Mother’s day and got the two drums assembled and for that I was very grateful as it was a lengthy chore.  It was getting late so he put it in the shed to finish later.  We are both busy with jobs and the ranch so it has set there for a while and I decided to get it out and finish it.   I hauled it down to the greenhouse as the drums are quite heavy and I didn’t want us to have to carry the entire composter down to the greenhouse.  My two grandsons age four and six helped with what they could in the transporting of parts. 
Two hours later I had directions in hand and many left over parts.  I was just hoping they had been generous and just sent extra parts.  About that time my husband arrived home and I asked for more help with this endeavor of assembling my composter.  He studied the directions that to my opinion and his also were not very good and we found a place for all the missing parts.
I love my composter and if I were to buy it assembled I am sure it would have been double in price.  I did notice the composter at the store didn’t have all the parts in it, maybe they had a hard time with the directions also.
My new double composter is a great addition to the large one.  The drums on the double composter don’t hold as much as the single one because they are smaller but are easier to tumble than the larger one.  Later I will make an outside composter pile but now I am very happy with the tumbler composters and look forward to many loads of good dirt.
My grandsons were happy to dig up worms from the garden to put in the composter, worms help with the decomposition of the green waste, which doesn’t remain green very long.  I also had them help me with putting in the screws while assembling the composter so they could feel like they were a part of the building process.  It also taught them how to work a screwdriver, something they will have to perfect over time.  We have much to do in the garden this year and I want my grandchildren to feel like this is there garden also while learning how to garden.

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